Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time for change..

Two more young lives lost to suicide.  Why? Because they didn’t fit into a “box” and their peers made sure they knew it?  I wonder, how many of those who threw taunts and jeers at the girls have taken a moment to reflect on what they said with remorse?  Something tells me that any regrets felt over something said will be pondered in private while the “mean girls/boys” openly gloat at the power they held, even for a moment over the lives of these two young girls.
If you detected anger in what I wrote, then you perceived correctly. What is happening to our society? How long do we have to walk through this living graveyard, busy with our own lives while the spirits of our children continue to die a little more each day?  How many monuments to a life ended too soon, too tragically, need to litter the cemeteries of our towns before someone says “enough”?
 I feel as though we’ve lost our grasp on what is truly important in life (caring for one another) in favor of material possessions and social status. I read some of the comments left in regards to this tragic story with a heavy heart.  People who think that bullying is just a part of life that needs to be endured, simply tolerated until you can get away from it. Really? Is that the answer? Perhaps if our children were taught to love and respect one another rather than having to be the “cool kid” then we wouldn’t be reading stories such as these.
Yes, the problem has been around as long as man has, but not with such vicious glee.  Just like many others out there, I was picked on during my school years, an easy target because of my extreme shyness and lack of clique clothes.  Although I didn’t take make the irreversible choice to end the suffering, there were times when whispers of suicide drifted through my mind with extreme enticement.   I may not have known God then, but my spirit for life kept me here and for than I am grateful because I wouldn’t have had the chance to discover how beautiful life truly can be. I wouldn’t have known the joys of overcoming life’s darkness and walking a path bathed in His light.
How long will we allow ourselves to be a society ashamed of our faith, afraid to tell our children that God loves them and through Him all things are possible? We need to find these little lost lights and put them where they belong, into the sad hearts of those who feel as though there is no answer other than death, into the angry hearts of those who feel the need to lash out at others, into the very hearts of those who have lost their way in the world.
Life shouldn’t be a painful experience; it should be filled with love, happiness and a passion for sharing those very things with others.
I’m ready for a change, are you?


  1. There are questions that are so hard to answer, and problems so difficult to solve. All we can do is change our own little world and cry out, "Abba Father," for the rest. Thanks for reminding us of this important topic...

  2. I've contemplated suicide, tried it once too, and it's taken me some time to find what I need to live for.

    I feel your anger, feel it too, my friend was 19 when she killed herself last June, and she was bullied through school and could never escape it.

  3. I'm truly happy that you were able to find what you need to live for, Rhi.
    It's so sad that there are so many bullies out there who think it's ok to push and push until someone is unable to focus on anything but the pain these people cause.
    We need to learn how to accept others with love and teach this valuable lesson to our children.
    God Bless!

  4. Suicide is a tragedy. Thank you for sharing so openly on such a painful subject. x

  5. Hi DeeLynn,
    You aptly express outrage. And I think that is one of the things we so lack nowadays. We hear so much, know so much, see so much, we've become anesthetized and complacent. I think God has some pretty strong stuff to say about that in Revelation 3:16. I appreciate your thoughts and candor. Keep blogging!

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  7. WOW! This is the very thing that pains me about bullying. So many lives are being lost. As a parent, it makes me wonder about how close they are to parents and if they showed any outward signs.
    As a high school teacher, I see bullying a lot and I do not tolerate it in my class or in the school. It does seem however that cases of bullying are brushed aside by admin, sadly.

  8. Wonderful article. I also enjoyed reading about The Painted Box. Such an accurate description of life for me as well. I blog about my life, my memories, which may not be the way others remember things. Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I loved your blog and now I am a follower. I have a story - The School Shooting that you may like to read. Donna

  9. Thanks for this post. I am your latest follower too! A suicide is always a tragedy. A suicide of someone young is, I believe, even worse. I am also ready for a change. I think that we need to improve things at our own level : at work, in our family, ... and I hope that, step by step, we will change for the better!