Friday, April 8, 2011

Puzzle Pieces..

  We all have a story to tell, puzzle pieces of our lives to be put into place, but, what if in telling/sharing that story you realize there are pieces of you that are missing?
   Usually in aging, becoming a more mature and refined version of yourself, you carry what was into what is. You become a whole picture that can be reflected on over the years, brought out for a moments enjoyment then tucked away until a sojourn down memory lane is needed again.
   It's the very meshing of who you were over the years into who you've become that makes up the puzzle of your life. Unless of course, someone comes along and yanks you off the path which was yours to walk and forces you onto one of their own, a dark little trail where hopes of happiness are left behind. Then what?
Then, (if you don't have the right tools in which to overcome)who you were meant to be, becomes the evil essence of who they are.
  My brother, in the space of one short afternoon, stole my innocence, lead me astray, deep into a tangled mass of overgrown brush, and dark pits yawning wide in hopes of swallowing me whole, so that not even the empty shell of a child could be left behind.  Sadly, the emptiness was there, but I never stepped over the edge of that beckoning pit, the one screaming at me to just "end it all", and for that I am completely grateful because I would never know how amazing it is to finally be filled with light.
  Darkness, evil, yes, Satan, does his best to steal our happiness and keep it just out of arms reach without our even knowing where it is, or how to get it back. There are so many people complacently walking in a fog of grey, missing pieces of who they are, and doing nothing to change it because they feel as though they deserve whatever lot in life was handed to them. I know this because the great deceiver whispered words of woe and devastation into my listening ears for many, many years.

 Isn't it time to step away from the masses of misery and journey into happiness? If I could do it, so too can you. Keep reading, sharing my walk and you may realize how close happiness has been all are not alone.

My puzzle has very few pieces of the past missing these days. What about yours?


  1. I listened to that horrible voice for many years, and I tell you, he can be awfully sweet when he wants our attention!

    But the other voice is far sweeter, and He speaks the truth.

    My puzzle is complete :)

  2. I'm getting there, Peni. Soon mine will be complete as well.
    You are correct, the other voice is so incredibly sweet.